Towards the end of last year, I started looking around for new hosts for my websites. I was stuck in a pretty bad place from a performance standpoint, with frequent downtime, periods where loading speeds would slow to a screeching halt, and constant security issues. (I admit, my website is far from optimized, but constant memory errors and 30-second loading screens are definitely server-side issues that I haven’t had with any other host.)

Aside from performance, I couldn’t do what I really wanted to do with my websites without going to VPS hosting. The functionality simply wasn’t there. With a week left til launch, the last thing I wanted to do was move to a new host and deal with migrating multiple sites. (My experience with hosting companies that offer “free” migrations? They’re only free if they don’t have to manually move all the files over. Otherwise, you’re stuck paying them extra or doing it yourself.)

I kind of shut down at that point and went into “drown everything out and mindlessly browse Facebook until I come up with something” mode, which actually ended up working out pretty well this time.


Enter Lyrical Host

I came across an ad for Lyrical Host, who had just recently launched. I was a little on the fence just because they were fairly new and there weren’t many reviews on them at the time. So, I reached out to sales to get a little more information.

No more than a few hours later, Jenni  (one of the co-founders) reached out and answered my question (and more!). She thanked me for reading the email that followed and sent back some additional resources.

Best first impression I’ve ever had with a hosting company. (I admit, my attitude towards most things is a little cynical, so this was a pleasant surprise.)

I went on to get my site migrated over and some other technical details sorted out. They really go above and beyond in each and every interaction, something I feel most hosting companies have moved away from. These kinds of interactions are so important not only to retain customers but to also build healthy communities.

But the initial sales/support interactions were only the tip of the iceberg.


Honest Pricing and Advertising

You know those hosting companies that advertise $2.95/month on the front page, then you have to go through the entire registration process to find out it’s only $2.95 if you pay for three years of hosting? Then you find out the renewal is $5/month or better, maybe even nearing $15/month if you want to make month-to-month payments.

That’s great! …if you’re looking to lock yourself into a three-year contract with a hosting company you haven’t had a chance to try out yet. (It’s like committing to a long-term relationship on the first date—usually not a good idea.)

With Lyrical Host, the pricing you see on their front page is what you get, even if you decide to pay month-to-month. They offer a discount if you pay yearly, but they don’t hide their pricing behind a wall. Just one small example of how they focus on being honest and up-front about things.

The other thing I love is that everything they advertise has all the information you need on the pricing pages. You don’t have to contact sales or dig for essential information. The only thing I “had” to contact them for was additional details on their affiliate program, which is in the works. All of the technical information you would want to know about your host is either on the front page or on the pricing page for its corresponding plan.


I've had a lot of really good (and really bad) experiences with hosting companies over the years, but Lyrical Host is just one of those companies that stood out for all the right reasons.

Support: Equal Parts Helpful, Kind, and Motivating

How many times do you have to contact support, only for them to turn around and talk about resolving your problem like it’s the easiest thing in the world and should be common sense?

How many support reps talk over your head, with no regard to how much you understand something?

It’s frustrating.

The one thing I love the most about Lyrical Host’s support team is that they do put things in a way that’s easy to understand.

But they’re also there to give you that extra push and remind you that it’s okay not to understand everything all at once—you’re still learning.

It’s not uncommon to find support teams that are helpful—I can think of a few companies I’m happy with. But how often can you get behind a support team and honestly describe them as “motivational”?


Easy to Use, Managed for You Hosting

In the past, I hated making hosting recommendations to clients. It seemed like every time I found a host that seemed awesome, everything that could possibly go wrong…went wrong.

With Lyrical Host, the installation is done for you. Just pick the settings (or set up an appointment to migrate your existing site) and you’ll be good to go. Backups are quick and easy to create. The control panel is easy to navigate and there’s not a lot of “extra” stuff you don’t need.

Part of my frustration with other hosts has been the scripted installs that install a ton of other marketplace-type plugins. They offer useful some useful features, like staging, but you can’t choose which parts of the plugins to turn off. If you want the staging, you have to deal with the clunky marketplace and a million other features that come with it. (At least with most larger plugins, like Jetpack, you can pick what features you want active.)

It’s nice to come into a new WordPress installation with just the core. The caching/security plugins are built in to help optimize and secure your site, but you don’t have anything you don’t need.

The best part about all this? You don’t have to be technical to utilize their hosting. Even if you find WordPress to be too much, they have a visual site builder that’s easy to use. Either way, you don’t ever have to deal with the server, leaving you more time to focus on what you came for—your website.


I've had a lot of really good (and really bad) experiences with hosting companies over the years, but Lyrical Host is just one of those companies that stood out for all the right reasons.

Resources…and More Resources

One of my favorite things about Lyrical Host is that they send out free resources on a monthly basis. Although they do have some free resources available on their site already, along with helpful blog posts, customers get free stock photos, graphics, illustrations, workbooks, and more every month. (That’s on top of the giveaways and holiday deals they do on occasion!)

In fact, all of the photos and graphics for this post were done with some of the stock photos they’ve released over the past several months. This is just a small selection of some of the photos they’ve done. This month, they released some beautiful food-related pictures.

Lyrical Host also frequently shares resources and blog posts from their customers’ blogs, making it easy to meet and network with other bloggers. I’ve already made a few connections with other bloggers and found a few great sites to follow along the way, too. Although it seems simple, it’s such a great way to showcase your community and encourage interaction.

If you’re interested in checking out what kind of free resources they have to offer, they have some stock photos available for you to download here.


What I Really Think About Lyrical Host

Lyrical Host is the single best hosting experience I’ve had, hands down.

Of course, there are other hosts out there with a good platform and great support, but nothing like the experience I’ve had with this one.

A lot of it is targeted marketing, advertising, and a nice looking website, but it doesn’t stop there. They follow up and deliver great experiences through even simple interactions. And their hosting lives up to every bit of what they advertise.

I can comfortably recommend them to friends and clients, which is huge. I don’t have to start my conversations off with “well, this one’s a decent host, buuuut….” anymore, then feel bad for recommending them when something goes wrong. Being able to recommend a host without any reservations isn’t something I’ve been able to do in the past. I’ve recommended a number of hosts but always had to do a bit of back peddling and talk about the drawbacks and issues I’ve had with them.


I've had a lot of really good (and really bad) experiences with hosting companies over the years, but Lyrical Host is just one of those companies that stood out for all the right reasons.

Special Offer

For those of you that are still actively looking for a host (or one to switch to in the future), I highly recommend trying out Lyrical Host. I do receive a small commission if you decide to use the discount code below.

First, head on over to their site to check out the WordPress hosting plans and what features are included in each plan. If you still have questions, reach out to them!

Use discount code ROADMAP at checkout to get 10% off your first payment, whether it’s month-to-month or annually—they have a few different payment options.

And don’t forget to check out your freebies! They have tons of great resources and stock photos to help you with your blog.

Feel free to stop back by and let me know what you think! I’m confident you’ll love them as much as I do.


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